Corporate Leadership and Team Building Experience with George Halkias

World Cup Fever: Counting down to Russia World Cup 2018!

Leadership and Team Building Experience with George Halkias

George Halkias is a pioneer of Australian community sports and is best known for developing the Big Issue Community Street Soccer Program. George has coached Australian teams at 9 Homeless World Cup events and was instrumental in staging the 2008 HWC in Melbourne. He has used sport and football in innovative ways to change the lives of many vulnerable Australians including people experiencing homelessness, mental illness, disability and trauma. George is also a leadership coach, educator and facilitator.                                                                            

This specialist experience incorporates a specialist motivational presentation from George followed by fun and meaningful team building football session that will offer staff a unique development opportunity to get into the spirit of this year’s World Cup!

Motivational Speech

George has been a professional speaker for over 10 years and his presentations are drawn from his vast experience managing innovative projects and leading complex teams.

Key themes and topics of presentations:

  • Leadership that inspires change

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Overcoming adversity and achieving organisational and personal change

  • Managing complex teams

  • The power of sport to build community and achieve social change.

  • Managing Complex and Diverse teams


Fun and meaningful Football Sessions

  • Team building

  • Problem Solving

  • Fun and interactive

  • Suitable for all experiences and fitness levels.

Duration of the program approximately 2.5 hours

Staff numbers: Up to 30 people

Venue: can be flexible

For more information go to or contact George on 0403653951